Verdi Requiem 12th Nov 2022 Southwark Cathedral

Was due to be performed April 2020,  POSTPONED because of COVID, but now scheduled for November 12th at Southwark Cathedral

On 4 April 2020  12th November 2022, All Saints Chorus will return to Southwark Cathedral for another monster concert. This time the chorus will master Verdi’s Requiem and probably blow the roof off! You do not want to miss this.  Tickets are available on line, and through choir members where discounts are available.

Verdi completed his Requiem Mass in April 1874 and conducted the first performance on May 22, 1874, at the church of San Marco in Milan. Before the requiem, Verdi was known exclusively for his operas. Verdi’s Requiem Mass has often provoked dissension. Brahms and Wagner, who shared little aside from their dislike for each other’s music, took predictably opposing views. Written in honour of two of his childhood heroes the work is the product of a deeply spiritual skeptic who had a complicated relationship with the church. Nonetheless the work reveals a depth of feeling that transports the listener into the heights and depths of what it is to be human.

If you have always wanted to sing this gigantic piece, then join us for an open rehearsal and, for a small fee, you can join us on stage and feel the appreciation of the sell out crowd.  Come and be a part of it!

Please download and print this poster for your community centre or front window. Verdi Requiem poster